Your Family's Safety Is Top Priority!

SafetyFirst® is a unique mobile Safety and Emergency Alert System.

Register with us for free. Get a SafetyFirst Access Code for each Android-based cell phone in your family.

Install SafetyFirst Apps from the Android Market onto each cell phone. Use a unique Access Code on each phone.

When emergencies or other events happen, we contact you immediately! SafetyFirst helps ensure that your family stays safe.
"I have first hand knowledge of how hard it is to get information from phone companies and getting search warrants for those records. SafetyFirst will take a lot of that leg work out of getting those records and make prosecuting some of those crimes a lot easier and faster."
- Jesse Fountain, Chief of Police, San Augustine, TX.
"I used to only know three of my daughter's friends and their phone numbers. Now, with SafetyFirst, I have over 35 contacts, in case of emergencies."
- B.J. (Parent)

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