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High Profit Margins! No Upfront Costs!

SafetyFirst offers high profits to fundraising organizations year round with the following benefits:
High Profits: Your organization earns 50% of the first 12 months subscription for each phone subscribed. Subscriptions are $99.99/year per family member's phone. This is a special rate at 20% off for your subscribers! Each 12 month subscription earns your organization $50 -- and helps keep a family SAFE!

No money up front: We provide you with downloadable custom brochures that fully describe the benefits and features of our SafetyFirst family safety service.
No shipping or product costs: The software is downloaded and installed by the parent to a family member's phone. This takes less than five minutes.
Helps your community: Each subscription helps keep a family safe. SafetyFirst turns each family member's cell phone into a unique Safety and Emergency Alert System.

The SafetyFirst Fundraising Program is available to schools, churches, charities, sports programs, community groups, and non-profit organizations. This program is designed to help you reach your organization's financial goals by providing an exceptional quality safety-oriented service to parents for their family.

  • The SafetyFirst Fundraising Program is not available to individuals or groups that would use this program for personal gain or business profit.

  • The SafetyFirst Fundraising Program is currently only available in the USA and Canada.

Meet your Fundraising Goals Fast!

Signing up just 50 parents, each with two cell phone carrying children, will over the 12 month subscription period earn your organization $5,000! And of course, help to keep those 100 children safe!

We send out payments the second week of each month for subscriptions paid the prior month. Payment will be sent by check, made out to your organization (in US funds). You can login to your SafetyFirst Fundraising account and review your fundraising progress.

At SafetyFirst we are here to support you every step of the way in your fundraising efforts. Complete your SafetyFirst Fundraising Application today!

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