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What is SafetyFirst?

    SafetyFirst turns your household cell phone network into a unique Safety, Emergency Planning and Alert System ideal for Health Crisis, Accident, Crime and Earthquake / Disaster Preparedness . (You can turn on or off settings, plans and networks that are appropriate for specific situations and individuals.)

    We know there is nothing more important than those you share life with. So, SafetyFirst includes an Emergency Alert and Emergency Planning Implementation System that lets household members notify you that they need guidance or help by simply pressing the power button on their smart phone four times in a row. See Disclaimer

    In addition you will be able to know:

    • o Where family members are, their condition and how to reach their friends or first responders in case of an emergency.
    • If family members are being cyber bullied or the victim of sexting or threats. See a Fox News Clip on this serious subject.
    • If anyone in your family is in danger while in a vehicle going too fast, on a phone without using a headset, or if the phone is being used to text while driving.
    • If strangers or bad influences are talking to or texting with any of your household members.

    But most importantly, if anyone you care about needs help, they can reach you right away by pressing the power button on the phone four times in a row or, their phone will alert you based on specific criteria.

Are you ever...

    Worried if household members are safe when they are out, or wondering if they are okay while you are away from home?

    Concerned that anyone you care about did not get to where they said they were going or ended up in an unsafe place or situation?

    Troubled that you or other members might be receiving messages from the "wrong crowd" or being put at risk?

    SafetyFirst lets you know with whom family members are exchanging phone calls and text messages.

    As one whose main goal is to protect your family from harm -- and who often finds getting information from some family members difficult -- SafetyFirst is your gateway to protecting your family and to help ensure that all of your family stays safe!

    SafetyFirst is easy to use. Just login to your secured SafetyFirst account using any web browser. With a few mouse clicks, you will instantly get the answers to your questions, giving you peace of mind and a greater sense of security when it comes to safety plans and monitoring for your household!

SafetyFirst Features

    SafetyFirst allows you to choose the level of tracking and logging that is appropriate for you and your household.. Each phone can have its own set of features enabled or disabled by you. SafetyFirst:

    • Helps keep your household safe by triggering an emergency alert when they press the power button four times in a row.
    • Tells you where household members are, how long they have been there, and where they have been, in case they have an accident, or if they become lost or missing or lose contact during a disaster!
    • Provides essential monitoring and alert capabilities for loved ones who may be infirm, elderly or disabled. Read More...

    • Tells you if anyone in your household is at a place where they might be in danger -- and tells them their safest options for help.
    • Makes you a list of all household contacts so you can call using that list if family members are lost or missing.

    • Tells you who family members are texting, who are texting them, and what is being said that might be cause for alarm.
    • Tells you if anyone in your family is in danger by driving too fast, driving while on the phone without using a headset, or texting while driving.
    • Tells you the last known location of every family member's cell phone in case any phones are lost or stolen.
    • Tells you if family cell phones are intentionally turned off or if their batteries have died or have little power left.
    • It's more important than ever to be aware of the safety of those you care about. SafetyFirst provides you with a powerful tool that helps you ensure that your household stays safe!

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